Pick Up The Soul With Technology For You .

Platane is a very sedative brand, the design team has a very rich experience in the audio industry, we focus on the European American design team, from the world to collect the most valuable electronic originals, and employ experienced professionals to assemble , Creating a very high-quality audio product, Platane's products solve a series of technical problems, in today's challenging environment, to create a top product, with the traditional classic products to compete, and in order to allow our customers to To the best return on investment, we from the world's best and most of the partners in the pursuit of quality assurance (using a number of test and measurement means) to ensure that each customer to get the Platane products are the most valuable products.

Platane's product line will focus on the microphone, sound card, monitor speakers, headphones, etc., we believe that the team's efforts, we will be able to bring our customers the best products.

2018, We have carried out in-depth cooperation with Buckhorn Brand. In the future, we will jointly launch some products . Music King  are share holder now, they will inject more elements and make the brand more valuable fro Platane Brand,they will help us open the ASIA market too. This year we  will have more professional products in the feature.

Platane-"Pick Up The Soul With Technology"