Pepper SP

Pick Up The Soul With Technology

Real Cardioid Pattern design
Real Cardioid Pattern design
Low Noise With Body
New Design
Low Noise With Body
  • Pepper SP is Design by Euro and USA team, it is assembled in USA, use the same core elements like Pepper, So it is a high quality and modem sound, it is Clean,Warm,Big Dynamic ,Air. it can work in Vocal, Guitar, Amp, Drumsets, Brass..

    • Big 32mm Diaphragm
    • Real Cardioid Pattern design for Studio and Home
    • Very low noise
    • Special body design more fashion
    • Great Circuit Design Low THD
    • Option shock mount cut shack on LF
    • Easy for connect
    • Only style recording
    • 48V Phantom Power
    • Flat Frequency Response
    • Wide Frequency Response
    • Gold Diaphragm
    Make the value for you .
    *In order to pursue the ultimate sound details, our diaphragm is only 3 nanometers, the microphone can not fight against strong winds, in extreme cases, the microphone will be a short loss of sound, this is a normal phenomenon.
    • Diaphragm Size: 32mm (@ 3um)
    • Polar pattern: Cardioid
    • Frequency Response: 16Hz-20kHz
    • Sensitivity@1KHz: -33dBV±1dB (-54dB @ 180°)
    • Max SPL: 128dB
    • THD+N:<0.5%
    • Impulse response: 11us
    • Output impedance: <200 ohms
    • Environment: 10-40°C & R.H.<85%
    • Connector:XLR-3